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LMNT Wellness Neurotherapy Center

Neurotherapy is an Indian system of treating patients discovered by Dr Lajpatrai Mehra.

Neurotherapy uses no medicine, oil or any invasive technique.

About Neurotherapy

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  • Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra, a visionary from Mumbai, introduced neurotherapy in the 1950s, merging modern medical insights with ancient Indian healing. Popularly known as Guruji, his pioneering work created a novel healing approach.
  • Guruji's impact surpassed theory. He shared knowledge, held free neurotherapy camps nationwide, aiding countless with ailments. In his 78-year life, his unwavering dedication spanned over five decades, touching hundreds of thousands.
  • Guruji's unique blend of compassion and dedication set him apart. His mission: alleviate suffering and provide solace to many, leaving an enduring legacy.


A Scentific Method Of Treating All The Diseases

Neurotherapy is an ancient Indian rehabilitative blood circulation therapy based on the vedic principles & philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints and blood & lymphatic channels.

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Our Achievements


Treatments done


Patients are provided with home visits (Mumbai)


Patients consulted


Neurotherapists are trained and nurtured


Patients visit us daily in clinic hours


Home visits are provided daily (Mumbai)


Neurotherapy Awareness Camps done


Neurotherapy courses conducted

Our Services



We conduct two types of Courses:

  • Basic Neurotherapy Course
  • Advance Neurotherapy Course


Neurotherapy allows people to improve their health proactively. Neurotherapy pressure-point activates particular receptors from feet and hands, customized to each patient's age and condition, to activate and energize organs and glands, boosting overall health and vitality.


Home visits (Mumbai only)

Are provided in Mumbai. Churchgate to Dahisar and CSTM to Thane.

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Popular Questions

What Does a Neurotherapist Do?

Therapist applies pressure on specific points for a specific time to improve blood flow in specific body systems depending on the disease.

How Does Neurotherapist Diagnose The Disease?

Patient health information is collected during the first visit. Visual research examines eyes, tongue colour, lips, face, etc. After verbal and visual analysis, feel the abdominal discomfort to learn more. The therapist may identify malfunctioning organs by pain point check-ups. With the support of other medical test reports.

Is LMNT Neurotherapy safe?

Neurotherapy is safe and works well. It doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t require drugs or operations. It is non-invasive. Uses balanced pressure while treatment. Children and aged bedridden patients are treated with hand mild pressure with successful results.

How long does LMNT Neurotherapy take?

LMNT Neurotherapy treatments last for a different amount of time depending on the person’s ailments. Most patients’ problems get better after 5 to 10 treatments. One Neurotherapy session timings vary from patient to patient approx 30 to 40 minutes.